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Faerie Quests

Quest Help

Fire Faerie This Faerie keeps scorching her outfit and needs more clothes. In return she will increase your pet's strength. Her quests are usually worth it because the clothing items she asks for are usually pretty cheap. If you can afford it, do her quest.
Light Faerie The Light Faerie requires specific trading cards and will raise your pet's level. The trading cards she asks for are usually pretty cheap. Do her quest if you can afford it because it's usually cheaper than a codestone.
Earth Faerie In return for certain magic items, the Earth Faerie will give one of your pets a grand feast! All she does is feed your pets. And the magic items she asks for are really expensive. If you get a quest from her, don't do it!
Air Faerie The Air Faerie wants certain beauty products to make her more radiant. In return she will make your pet more swift. She increases your pets speed and the grooming things she asks for are much cheaper than codestones. If you have the Neopoints to spare, do this quest.
Dark Faerie The Dark Faerie requires some test subjects for her spells. Bring her a model or toy and she will increase your pet's health in return. The toys she wants are cheap and she increases your health. If you can afford it, do her quest.
Water Faerie Water Faeries will raise your defence for a price. They are hungry for knowledge, and if you provide what they need, they can be very generous. If the book she asks for is not too expensive, it may be worth doing her quest.
Faerie Queen On rare occasions you will be offered a quest from the most powerful Faerie of all. Be warned, her challenge will be very tough, but if your pets are up to it, her rewards are great. If you can afford her quest, do it. She usually gives really good rewards.

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Big Bunnie says"Fyora Rocks My Socks!"

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