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Million Np Plan

First off, you should do the daily tasks listed on the guild website. You can do each of those tasks daily and sometimes even multiple times a day.

Shops are one of the most important ways to make money. Some people would consider it their primary method of income. They are cheap to set up, and you can easily start off selling low priced items. Use the Shop Wizard to find items that you want to sell in your shop. And also use it if you want to find out what the price of items are. Remember, people won't come to your shop if the prices are expensive, so make sure your prices are usually 1 to 20 np cheaper than the lowest on the shop wizard. Refreshing the page (Ctrl+R) is a great idea, because the shop wizard will usually find a cheaper price somewhere.

You can get lots of np from going to certain shops and buying cheap items and then selling them for a higher price.
Remember the Shop Wizard Prices change alot! So if your stuff doesn't get sold for a while lower the prices. And press refresh alot when looking for the items. So basically, you just gotta buy low, sell high.
Its best to start off looking for items like fuzzles. Type in names like "Orange Fuzzle" or "Green Fuzzle", "Lime Milkshake" or "Banana Milkshake", ect. And if you see a cheap item, cheaper than the other prices, than buy it. And then sell it for a lower price than everyone else's. But not too much cheaper or you won't make as much of a profit. As said above, maybe like 10 np cheaper than the cheapest price. If you are selling a more expensive item though, like one worth 2,000 np, than you would want to put the price maybe 20 np cheaper than the lowest price. And if your items don't sell, than you just have to make them cheaper.

Games are a great way to make more money. There are a wide selection of games to choose from, over 100 games. Currently you can only get np from one game 3 times . Remember to ONLY play games on your MAIN account, otherwise you risk to be frozen! Volcano Run, Meerca Chase and Extreme Herder, Warf Rescue Team, Hannah and the Pirate Caves and Destruct-O-Match are considered the best games for making np. Try getting good at those games and you will be able to make quit a bit of np. But these arn't the only good games, everyone is good at different games, so be sure to try all the games and play the ones you are best at. The more games you play, the better. You should be able to make thousands of thousands of neopoints from all these games :)

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Big Bunnie says"Where is Thumpkin?Where is Thumpkin......"

Scratchcard Kiosk: It costs 600 np to buy a scratchcard but no matter what scratchcard you get, you can sell it for a higher price. So usually you will make atleast 100 np. Sometimes even several thousand np just from one card. You can also scratch the card, your chances of winning are low though. But if you do win, you can win alot.

Auctions are another good way to make neopoints. The most important thing is to NOT buy something that is overpriced, it is best to check the shop wizard to see if you can get that item any cheaper. Look for Auctions that are getting ready to end. If there are any good deals like a Water Faerie for 100 np try to get it, and you could sell it for about 3000 np!

This will make you a few Thousand Neopoints. Sometimes you even get rare items.
And also by signing up with sponsors helps keep Neopets free:) Its also usually best to sign up with as many of the sponsors shown there as possible. That way you can get alot of np.

If your pet is hungry and needs to be fed, there are places you can go for free.
The Giant Jelly: The jellys you get here won't sell for very much so you should mainly feed them all to your pets.
The Giant Omelette: You can use omelettes to feed your hungry pet. Do not eat the Tomato Omelette, tomato and pepper omelette, and the cheese omelette, they are worth a bit of np and should be sold.
Feeding poisonous jelly or a rotten omelette can make your pet sick, so beware with them
The Soup Kitchen: If you don't have much NP, you can take your pet here and have it fed for free.